New friends and a fresh reminder

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I were blessed to be able to visit a church in North Dallas where I spoke to a group of mothers who meet regularly for Bible study.  Emily and Sarah worked with the kids while I was with the adults.

During the prayer request time, one of the women shared about how she has had the opportunity to share her faith with a Muslim woman.  They talk about various topics and the Christian woman points out various Bible references to explain what the Bible teaches.  The Muslim woman has a Hindi Bible and she goes home and looks up the verses and reads them in her mother tongue.  She also reads her Koran.

It was exciting to hear about the opportunities that this Christian woman is having to share with her Muslim friend and exciting that this woman is reading the Bible.  I was reminded again that the Bible has power to change lives, it’s alive and it can speak to this woman.  The Koran is not God’s living word.

I needed that reminder yesterday.  I’m excited to be a part of helping to bring God’s living Word to all the language groups around the world.  There are those like this Muslim woman who are searching for the truth and others who haven’t heard the truth yet.

It’s our heart’s desire that we have our financial support up to a sufficient level soon so we can begin our new assignments with Wycliffe.   We appreciate prayers for that need.

By the way, there is a new ‘button’ (Give Online) at the top of our website which is linked to a page on the Wycliffe site and makes it easy to make a financial donation if the Lord leads you.