Ministry Roles

Tim and Martha: 

For the past five years, we have been serving together as directors of our mission group in the Solomon Islands. It’s been a busy time with the launch of five New Testaments, new ways of distributing Scriptures through audio recordings and phone apps, the growth of Bible-based Trauma Healing in the country and the adminstrative responsibilities of looking after our members and recruiting new personnel to come and serve. 

We have stepped down from the director role and are now on a ‘furlough’ in the USA. It’s wonderful to have time to visit our partnership team – churches and individuals who help support our minstry through prayer and financial giving.

Tim: Changing hearts and lives through Literacy

Wycliffe field personnel work with local community members and local organizations to help people learn to read in their own languages. In many language programs, literacy work goes on side-by-side with Bible translation.

Literacy changes the way people think about themselves. It gives new value to their language and culture, and by implication, to their own identity. Literacy also opens the door for education and growth. With the ability to read, people can learn how to improve their family’s health, run a business, defend themselves from fraud, seek justice and, above all, grow closer to God by reading the Scriptures.

Tim has been working as a education consultant to the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education in a strategic multilingual education program. Starting in 2014, early primary school students in eight schools in two provinces have been taught in their own languages.  The program has now been expanded to a total of 20 schools.

Martha: Sharing the Story

As Wycliffe works toward the goal of seeing Bible translation projects started in the more than 2000 languages that are without Scriptures, the task seems impossible. It can’t be done without God’s help and we need His people to join us in the endeavor.

Martha enjoys sharing the stories of Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture Engagement from the Solomon Islands through media.