‘I’m leaving on a jet plane…’

This morning I head to the airport to begin my journey to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  The first (16 hour!) flight will take me to Dubai where I will spend about 12 hours.  It will be nice to have a shower and a rest in the hotel room that is included with my ticket!  The next step is a flight to Bangkok where I will catch a flight to Chiang Mai.

The purpose of my trip will be to attend a conference.  Global leaders and member representatives in Wycliffe and SIL International will gather for ‘once every four year’ meetings.  As Pacific Area Communications Coordinator this will be an opportunity for networking with colleagues around the world.  Important decisions will be made in these meetings and being there will help me to be able to share with our region.

I’d appreciate prayers for my time away.

  • please pray for our family as we are separated
  • pray for journeying mercies
  • pray for important decisions that will be made in these meetings
  • pray that I will be able to do my job well

Prayers Answered

Thank you for those who have been praying for renters for our house in Honiara. At last we have renters. We had to drop the rent price significantly, but we are glad that soon it will be generating income rather than draining it! Whew! Thank you, Lord!


Renters Needed

Our house in Honiara has sat unrented since we left in late May. We have lowered the price and still the right renters have not come along. We just don’t know what to do about the house. The price is appropriate according to local friends, but there just don’t seem to be people looking for a house in that price range at the moment.

We were really counting on some kind of income from that house to help us buy our house here in the USA. Prayers for renters in the Solomons are appreciated!


Remember the car accident?

Some of you who have been reading the blog for a while will remember that fateful day in March when Tim got in a car accident. We asked you to pray for a speedy repair and resolution to that situation. Well… nearly 2 months later, we are still waiting for the repair quotes so we can take them to the insurance company. Sigh. All the parts have to come from overseas so it just takes a while to track them all down. We are talking daily to the mechanic to see if we can’t move things along, but it is excruciatingly slow!

Please pray that we will soon get the quotes so repairs can happen. In the meantime we are driving a vehicle that belongs to our group. We pay by the kilometer to use that vehicle. We are thankful to have that option!