New Assignment for Tim

Tim meeting with the International Literacy Office staff

Last week as I was at a prayer meeting with my ladies’ Bible study group, I prayed that Tim would find just the right place to plug in and use his skills within Wycliffe.  When I returned home I learned that Tim had received a phone call from Dr. Susan Malone, the International Literacy Coordinator, who asked him to meet with her at the literacy office.

Susan has a residence in Bangkok but more often than not, she is traveling to many parts of the world where she serves as a literacy consultant to governments and various organizations.  Often her travels take her places where there is poor internet connection, making it hard to keep up with emails and running the office in Dallas.

Susan has asked Tim to serve at the Assistant International Literacy Coordinator here in Dallas.  This will involve managing the office, answering emails and interacting with people who call or visit the literacy office.  In addition Tim will work on editing and organizing many of the papers and other documents that Susan has written on the subject of multi-lingual education and organize them for a website.

We are excited about this new position for Tim which suits his gifts, abilities and interests.  Tim will be able to begin this assignment as soon as we reach 100% of our financial support.