God Appointment

For the past week, I have been reminding myself that the girls and I need a haircut.  Last Saturday as I was driving down Main Street here in Duncanville, I saw that there was a new hair salon that was advertising $8 haircuts.  Being one that likes to save money and support local businesses, I decided to try them out.  I stopped by one day this week and found the salon door locked.  There are other places to get haircuts, but I felt compelled somehow to try this new one.

This afternoon the girls and I went into the new salon.  We were welcomed with a warm smile by the new owner and some of her friends who were visiting. A sign on the wall with a Christian theme gave me a hint that maybe the owner was a Christian.

I told her that I had seen the $8 sign last weekend and wondered if the special was still going on.  “Well, no.  That special is finished,” she said slowly.  “But, there is a new special going today – $5.99.” Some how I think she might have dreamed up the new special on the spot! Emily sat in the chair and the trimming began.

As we chatted about her business and why she had chosen to start a business here, it soon became evident that she is a strong Christian.  She shared with us how she left a hair salon chain so she could open this shop and have more of a chance to share her faith and have a ministry.  She also shared with us that this morning she had prayed with her friends asking God to send some customers her way.

We left her shop with nice hair cuts and feeling blessed by her heart for ministry and the Lord’s leading in her life.  Yesterday I was wondering why I felt pulled to this new salon, but this afternoon I knew that it was a divine appointment.  Sweet.

Sarah, Martha and Emily

(Apparently Emily is spending a little too much time with her dog, Duke and is starting to look a bit like him…)