Mr. & Mrs. MacGyver in Quarantine

Being locked away in a hotel for 3 weeks with just the basics has given us opportunity to come up with some creative solutions to some problems. Watch for more installments of  “Mr. & Mrs. MacGyver in Quarantine“.

Problem #1 Our rooms are quite dark. There is a window, but people walk past it and we wanted some privacy. 

The MacGyver Solution: Martha had a ‘lavalava’ (a Solomon-style sarong) that was about the right size to provide privacy while allowing light to enter from above. Fortunately, we had a couple of rolls of velcro ties that had been thrown in the suitcase at the last minute. We bunched up a bit of the curtain and the corner of the lavalava and pulled a velcro tie around them. The tie holds the lavalava in place and we can still open and close the curtains at night!


7 thoughts on “Mr. & Mrs. MacGyver in Quarantine

  1. I thought you were surrendering those items because of a suicide threat….will check again in about two weeks. You are pioneers! Blessings and prayers

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