3 thoughts on “Matzke Messenger – September 2016

  1. DEar Tim and Martha,

    So good to be caught up to date with your work and the family news. I am always privileged to be able to support you and pray everyday that it will continue to be fruitful and satisfying. We pray that you will have the opportunity of a rejuvenating time to get your spiritual batteries working in top shape.

    Blessings on you and may God continue to enlarge your ministry.

    With care,

    Jack and Carole

  2. Hi Tim & Martha,

    It is always such an inspiration to read about your work in the Solomon Islands! We’ll be praying for the Lord to provide the respite you need somewhere in New Zealand. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry as you help the people of the Solomon Islands read God’s Word in their own languages.

    In Christ,

    Lynn & Jim

  3. Thanks for giving us this opportunity giving a better feel for your lives and ministries.

    Praising God for His daily seen/unseen blessings and you two are among them,

    Dalton and Deanne

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