Sarah’s ‘Other’ Family

John & Brena Bruner and 'family'
Sarah will be staying at the Townsend Youth Hostel here at the Ukarumpa Center.  As we mentioned before, the Driggers keep the hostel running and will be responsible for Sarah on a day to day basis.  However, during breaks and in case of emergencies, we needed a ‘loco parentis’ (local parents) to be here for her.  Asking John and Brena Bruner to step into that role was a natural choice.

The Bruner Family worked in the Solomon Islands with us and Sarah grew up with their boys.  Included in this photo is Kairu, a Papua New Guinean student who is living with the Bruners this school year.When the translation project they were involved in was completed they moved to Papua New Guinea so the boys could go to school here. Sarah hadn’t seen the family for six years, but it didn’t take long to reconnect.  I think ‘Aunt Brena’ is happy to have some girl company.

We are thankful that John and Bruner are happy to take on the role of Sarah’s local parents and help her make this transition.



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  1. Wow….it’s been forever since I’ve seen them! And since when did everyone I knew as babies grow up to be such good looking men? Very handsome.

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