Smiles of Gratitude

There are a lot of smiles at our house today.  The long awaited day for the removal of the braces has arrived.  After two years Sarah no longer has braces.  Yeah!

Sarah and I have known about the appointment for some time, but we kept it under our hats.  This morning I picked her up from school and took her to the orthodontist’s office.  Afterward we stopped by the office to surprise Tim.  As Tim looked at Sarah’s beautiful metal-free smile, he broke into a smile.  And I got teary-eyed.

When we were told 3 years ago that both girls needed braces, and not just for cosmetic reasons, we had no idea how we would be able to pay for them.  We moved ahead in faith and trusted God to provide.

Friends donated a car to Wycliffe in our name and the proceeds from the sale of the car were almost exactly what we needed for Emily’s braces.  We have been making payments on Sarah’s braces month after month and have always had enough. God has been faithful even when we couldn’t see a way forward.

Sarah isn’t the only one smiling today.  What’s not to smile about?  We have a God who delights in providing for his children – even straight teeth.


and after…



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