The Main Reason

The main reason I came to the Solomon Islands was not to eat tropical fruit and enjoy amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.  Instead it was to meet with my friend, Dennis, who is the Artistic Director of the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts.  Dennis and I got to know each other when we served together on the the Solomon Islands 30th Anniversary of Independence Committee back in 2008.

The Solomon Islands is hosting the Festival of Pacific Arts in July of this year.  This event will draw thousands of artists from 27 countries around the Pacific. The festival features a wide variety of art forms; dance, music, storytelling, etc.  Dennis and I have been corresponding about how our organization might be able to serve the festival and be a part of this event.

My colleague Cynthia and I had a very productive meeting with Dennis on Wednesday.  On Thursday he asked us to return to meet with other members of the organizing committee and the Festival Chairwoman.

The meeting Thursday morning was very productive.  Our suggestions for involvement were met with a positive response.  At the end of the meeting, the chairwoman thanked us for coming and expressed appreciation for our interest in helping the Solomon Islands.  We are excited to have had such a positive response and are moving ahead with plans to be involved.


One thought on “The Main Reason

  1. Hi, Martha. Looks like all is going well. We miss you back home. Judy is healing slowly from her surgery. Talberts are busy with wedding plans for our youngest son. Wedding shower this weekend for Judy’s son, Jeremy. And baby shower next weekend for Butch and Carla’s newest grandbaby. Plans are for a Covenant Class Valentine party on February 18. Lots of stuff going on here, but none as important as what you are doing. God bless you and give you safe travel home.

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