I’m in Brisbane, Australia! My flight leaving Dallas was late so I had to be put on a later flight to Sydney.  The trip to Sydney took longer than the scheduled 14 hours 20 minutes due to head winds so my flight to Brisbane was delayed.  Without an Australian cell phone, it was tricky getting in touch with my friend, but we managed and now I am enjoying her hospitality.

The friend I’m staying with is a Solomon Islander who attended the same church we did in Honiara.  The family immigrated to Australia several years ago.  It’s been fun to catch up and speak Pijin again.  This morning we hope to go visit a boat that is being refitted for a medical ministry in the Solomon Islands. My friend Katie is a nurse and is interested in helping on a missions trip to the Solomon Islands.

I woke up at 2:30 am wide awake.  I’m sure to pay for this later today, but it’s great to be on this side of the world again.