The Gravy Train

“The Gravy Train is coming next week.”  It’s something we hear every few months here in our missions community.  It’s a site to see, really.  Some generous folks in Michigan collect donated food from a restaurant supplier.  When they get enough, they load up several trailers that contain chest freezers along with frozen meats and boxes of dry goods.  At their own expense, they bring everything down to Dallas.

Yesterday, Tim and others helped unload the food into the dining room at our center.  The dining room staff takes what it can use for feeding the students and staff.  This morning a group of us parceled out large bags of flour, jars of mayonnaise, mustard and A1 sauce into smaller containers.  The dining room table were laden with food and things like aluminum foil and coffee filters. There were also bags of sausages, meat patties and shrimp.

This afternoon we went back to the dining room and had the opportunity to pick up things that we could use for our family.  Our freezers and cupboards are full. We will be enjoying these goodies for some time.

We are so thankful for these friends of Wycliffe in Michigan who generously give of their time and resources in order to bless us all with these items.  (And of course I am proud they are Michiganders!)


One thought on “The Gravy Train

  1. The Salvation Army “corps” (church) where I attend gets a similar shipment after the annual Gordon Food Show at the expo center near us (Novi). All the extra samples get loaded in a truck and unpacked in our food pantry. Some are handed out to our needy clients and a lot of it get used for church fundraising dinners. (which we have a lot of – ha)

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