Things We Will Miss #1 – the Local Media

As approach our departure day, May 26, we keep thinking about the things in the Solomons that we will miss – and truthfully a few things that we won’t miss! In that light, this is my initial entry in the list of ‘Things we will Miss’.

Even though we live in the capital city, it really is a small place with a population of about 55,000 people Like any small town, sometimes the ‘big’ news stories are a little funny!

The photo shows a truckload of cartons of peanut butter which overturned on the main road and stopped traffic for an hour. The caption read;’Peanut butter chaos halt traffic for an hour’. I happened upon this scene just minutes after it happened and it wasn’t surprised to see it make the front page of the newspaper today. You can read the article online at:;=view&id;=7878&change;=71&changeown;=78&Itemid;=26

It really did mess traffic up for a long time because there is only one main road that runs through town. Even though we can read the stories online, we are going to miss reading the Solomon Star!