Solomon Islands Bible Display

This afternoon at the National Parliament, we dedicated this special Solomon Islands Bible Display herunterladen. It contains the Pijin Bible that was presented to the Prime Minister on the 30th Anniversary of Independence in July of last year. On the shelf up above are all (except 1) of the Bibles and New Testaments in vernacular languages that have been published since Independence tipp 10 kostenlos downloaden. Standing in front of the display is our friend Patson who helped make the cover the display.

It was really great to see people walk up to the display and look at all the Bibles in the vernacular languages and try and see if there was a Bible in their own language download amazon prime music on mobile. Clearly those who didn’t have a Bible in the display were disappointed.


One thought on “Solomon Islands Bible Display

  1. The missing NT is Rennellese. I just got an email from Nico that they can send us a copy from Australia when they get back there in a few months.

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