Update on Timmy

Timmy and his mom made it to Honiara from the provincial capital, Kirakira on Saturday. (The hospital never came through with the air fare so we had to pay for their trip.) This was their first trip on an airplane so they were very excited about that! They were taken to the hospital here by ambulance that was waiting for them at the airport, but later told to go home for the weekend as nothing would happen before Monday morning anyway.

In the meantime, Timmy’s dad boarded a ship in the village on Friday afternoon. That ship had actually just come from Honiara, so he had to board while he had the chance and ride the ship along it’s entire route. He is due in to town Tuesday morning. Do the math – that’s a lot of hours on a small ship!

Today Timmy and Judy went to the hospital where Timmy’s arm was x-rayed. The good news is that it is only broken in one place, not three as they were told earlier. Tomorrow morning he goes back to the hospital to be put under anesthesia so the arm can be set.

It’s been a busy day as we had to get the girls off to school, Judy and Timmy to the hospital, an International Literacy Day program at the Central Market and then we hosted a lunch meeting with the director of the Bible Society of the South Pacific to discuss the publication/launch of the Pijin Bible next July. Whew! It’s been a crazy day.