Pray for Timmy

Imagine having your two year old child fall and break his arm. Now imagine that you live in a remote village where it takes at least 3 hours to get to the provincial hospital by sea in a motorboat. If that’s not bad enough, picture yourself sitting in the hospital for 5 days waiting to get sent to the capital city to get the fracture treated.

That’s exactly the situation with our dear national friends on the island of Makira. Timmy – Tim’s name sake, fell on Sunday and broke his arm. The provincial hospital should have sent Timmy and his mom here to Honiara, but there is no money in the hospital account. The hospital is suggesting they catch a ship due to leave the province on Sunday and will arrive here on Monday.

Tomorrow we will try to book a ticket on the plane for Timmy and his mom to fly in on Saturday. Please pray that we will be able to get tickets for them. Pray for Timmy as they wait. His hand is beginning to become swollen.