Does she or doesn’t she?

On Sunday night, Emily said she wasn’t feeling well and headed to bed early. Monday morning she woke up saying she felt like she had a fever – but she didn’t. She stayed home from school and felt sick most of the day and by evening did have a fever. At 2:00 am she woke up with a 102 degree fever and a sore throat.

There is a flu going around town and it is probably what Emily has. However whenever someone has a fever here, malaria is always a possibility. A sore throat sometimes accompanies malaria. To determine if it is malaria, a blood slide has to be taken, preferably when the patient is at the fever stage. At 2 am, that is hard to get.

I’m feeling a bit off too – which in this case is probably good news, because it is more probably that Emily and I both have the flu. We’ll watch and see what happens to determine if a blood slide is needed.

If Emily does have malaria, generally it is not a serious issue if is treated.