Youth Group

Emily was very happy to come back to the Solomons and get involved in the church youth group here download aegon upo. She is enjoying Bible studies every other Wednesday afternoon, Sunday School and gatherings on Friday nights.

This past Friday we hosted the youth group at our house for a games night legal videos von youtube downloaden kostenlos. In typical Solomon Islands style, the shoes were left at the door. You can see here the most popular shoe style!

Most of the kids got to our house on the back of a flat bed truck driven by one of the youth group leaders präsentation downloaden. There were about 50-60 youth present and the evening started with a time of worship. Solomon Islanders love music and singing!

Tim shared a devotional and then we played some group games filme von der mediathek herunterladen. It was a lot of fun to host the youth group and we hope we can do it again. We are thankful for our roomy living room we were able to add to the house a couple of years ago which makes entertaining so much easier von youtube gratis musik herunterladen.

Here a group of kids was thinking up a short skit they could present using all the props we gave them in the box. They came up with some very creative skits puffin web browser kostenlos downloaden!