Christmas in March

Today was the day we have long been awaiting! We packed two crates in Michigan in November/December and delivered them to shippers in the Detroit area just before Christmas. They were trucked to Chicago… somehow got to the west coast (train, truck, ship?) and were sent by ship to Sydney where they were transferred to another ship heading to several ports here in the Pacific. The ship arrived here yesterday.

We picked up our two crates from the wharf and have been unpacking them. We took the girls out of school to enjoy unpacking their belongings. For Sarah there was great joy when we got down to her violin.

The thing Emily was most looking forward to having was her new guitar! We packed it in the crate without her knowing it. On her birthday in January we gave her a gift certificate for the guitar along with photos. So today was the first time for her to actually hold her guitar. She is thrilled!

There’s still lots of unpacking to do, but it was lots of fun to rediscover our belongings today – it felt a bit like Christmas!