Quarantine Quarters

For the required 21 day quarantine, we are staying at the Pacific Casino Hotel. We had a limited number of places to stay and this hotel is quite close to our offices. Our colleagues can drop off things for us at the National Disaster Office for delivery to the hotel. Unfortunately, we are finding that […]



Honiara Except for the residue of sunset on the western horizon, it was dark when we arrived in Honiara. It had been raining earlier in the day, so it felt extra muggy as we exited the plane. The high humidity feels like you are walking into a greenhouse. Honiara does not have jetways.  Instead, passengers […]



The flight to Dubai was uneventful. It was nice to be able stretch out across 3 seats and get some sleep.  When we arrived in Dubai, we found the Emirates desk, where they provided vouchers for a nearby hotel, which included a free meal. After a short wait, a van took us to the very […]