Jaga and His Missionary Journey

JagaRoni, a fourth grade teacher and Amarasi speaker, lives with his family in a small mountain community in West Timor, Indonesia.  After school and in the evenings, Roni works on translating the New Testament into his own language.

One day, the family’s dog, Jaga, was missing. They looked everywhere for the dog, but he could not be found. Jaga had wandered away and they felt sad.

A while later, Jaga wandered into a nearby village and people asked, ‘Whose dog is that?’  Someone in the village recognized the dog and they said, ‘It belongs to Roni, the teacher.’  Others said, ‘No, it belongs to the man who is translating the Bible into our language.’

Jaga moved on to another village community and people started asking the same questions again and received the same answers.  Jaga moved from community to community.

Word reached Roni that Jaga had been seen in nearby villages so he started to look for his dog.  When he reached the first village, the people told him that Jaga had moved on, but they wanted to hear about the Bible being translated into their language. Roni happily told them about the translation work and that the New Testament in Amarasi would soon be completed.  Everyone was excited to hear the news and some even asked if they could pray for him.

JagaDogRoni continued to look for Jaga in the villages where he had been seen. In each village it was the same – Jaga had moved on, but people wanted to know about the Bible translation.  At last Roni found Jaga. He was very skinny, but happy to go home to the family.

The Amarasi New Testament is nearly completed.  Pray for Roni and the translation team as they finish the translation. And thank God for Jaga and his missionary journey that helped spread the good news about Bible translation.