On to Ukarumpa

On Monday morning we were picked up at the guesthouse and taken to the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) hangar where we would catch our flight to Ukarumpa.  We had a van load as there were two flights that morning.  With school starting and families returning from furloughs, there are more people traveling to Ukarumpa.

The three of us had to climb on the scale to get weighed and then our baggage.  We pay for the trip by weight.  Tim and I saw a few people we knew from years back and we spent some time catching up with them as we waited for the flight.

The flight up to Ukarumpa was about an hour and 15 minutes in 7-seater Kodiak plane.  The scenery was beautiful.  Some of the kids from Sarah’s class came to welcome her as well as our friends the Bruners.  We know the Bruners from the Solomon Islands and John and Brena will be Sarah’s ‘loco parentis’ – local parents, while she is here.  Sarah will stay in youth hostel, but the Bruner’s will be her local guardians for any issues that come up in our absence.

We walked down to the school and talked to the registrar about Sarah’s schedule and the vice principal gave us a tour of the school.  We also visited the youth center and met the youth director. After that, Tim went to the computer and technology services office and was able to borrow a modem so we can be on the local server and have internet.

Sarah and I visited the store on center.  I am continually shocked at how expensive everything is here.  We bought Sarah a note pad and a few pens and headed back to the house.

Monday night we had dinner with the Bruners.  It’s great to catch up with our friends.

Here are some photos from the day:

Sarah on the flight

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