Kainantu Adventure

The closest town to the Ukarumpa Centre is Kainantu.  Tim and I decided to venture there this morning to check out the shops and pick up some supplies Sarah needed.  The store on the center has run out of a lot of school supplies.

To get to Kainantu we walked to the gate of the center and waited for a PMV (public motor vehicle).  After 10 minutes or so, a van came to the gate and passengers climbed out.  We climbed in and found the PMV sat for a few more minutes waiting for more passengers before it started.  The PMV made a couple more stops before heading to Kainantu.  The trip took us about a half and hour and cost us $ .75 each.

We walked around a few stores and picked up some items. On the way home we were able to catch a ride with friends who we saw in town and were returning to the center in their truck.  I’ll let the photo gallery fill you in on what we saw.