Blessed by a Skype Message

Yesterday as I sat at my computer, a Skype chat message popped up from our friend Peter.  We know Peter from the village where we lived 15 years ago in the Solomon Islands.  Today, Peter is in Virginia finishing up special training with the US Coast Guard before returning home where he serves in the Solomon Islands Search and Rescue office.

Earlier this week when tornadoes touched down about an hour south of Dallas and Peter saw it on the news.

Here is the chat conversation with Peter:

Peter : Hello..heard about the storm,are you ok?

Martha: We are fine.  Thanks.

Peter: Oh..thank God, i tried to call today when i saw it on the TV early 4 am this morning and there was no reply, so i thought you might be hurt.

Martha: You are sweet to worry about us.  No, the place where people lost their lives was about an hour southwest of us.

Peter: am happy back again, i was worried,i told my brother in Kirakira that there was a storm strikes in Dallas,but when i called there was no i can tell them now that you are fine..we know you very well and if some thing terrible happen to you, you can imagine how we feel, so thank you for reply..May God keep you well.

Tears came to my eyes as I read his message.  Our family was a part of that community for a couple of years, but we are forever connected with them.  In the same way we worry about them when we hear of  cyclone bearing down on their island.

It’s amazing  to have friends and family around the world.  It really is true when Scripture says,

And everyone who has given up houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or property, for my sake, will receive a hundred times as much in return and will inherit eternal life. Matthew 29:19 (NLT)

We are truly blessed.