Wheels of Progress

Driving in the Solomon Islands is a funny situation.  With less than 100 kilometers of paved roads, there isn’t far to go, but we still need a car.  We have been watching this website: www.japanesevehicles.com for cars that would meet our needs.  We have been looking at smaller cars with 4 wheel drive.

FORD ESCAPE Japanese used car

Yesterday we found a 2004 Ford Escape with 52,000 miles that had been reduced in price by $1100.00 US dollars and is now  $3900.00. It looks like a perfect car for our needs and have committed to purchasing it.  After the money is transferred from our bank to to the company in Japan, they will prepare it for shipping to the Solomon Islands.  The costs for shipping and insurance will be about $3000.00 USD.  When it arrives in the Solomons, we will pay duty and ‘goods tax’ of at least another 10%.

In our last newsletter we mentioned the need for funds to cover the cost of the car.  If you feel led to make a contribution, you can follow this link www.wycliffe.org where you can give a tax-deductible gift.  If you would prefer to make a contribution by mail or a phone call, further instructions can be found on the ‘participate‘ tab above.  Gifts need to be designated for ‘Tim & Martha Matzke’.

Purchasing this car is another step forward in our return to the Solomon Islands and the opportunities awaiting us there. We are grateful for the support of our friends like YOU!