A place for Cali

In 2009, when we moved from the Solomon Islands to Dallas, we left behind two dogs and two cats.  Naturally, it was a painful experience for our kids to leave pets behind.  Sarah loves cats and began praying that we would be able to get a cat when we got to Dallas.

About a month after we arrived in Dallas, I saw a notice on a bulletin board for a cat who needed a new home.  The cat had started hanging around the home of a retired couple who lived nearby.  They began putting out food for her and eventually coaxed her into their home.  ‘Cali’ settled in and they took her to the SPCA and got her shots and spayed.

It soon became apparent that the couple’s own cat was not happy with Cali in the house. With a heavy heart, the woman started to pray for a good home for Cali. They made a flyer and brought it to our center where I saw it on a bulletin board.  I placed a phone call and we went to meet Cali.  Sarah’s heart had a place for this shy cat and we agreed to take her.  The couple even kept her another week until we moved into our new home.  It was neat to see God answer the prayers of Sarah and this woman we didn’t even know.

We kept in contact wit this couple who were interested in seeing Cali settle into our home well.  When they heard we had gotten a dog, the woman worried about shy Cali.  Cali and rambunctious Duke learned to get along.  One day when Tim found Cali curled up with Duke, we knew they had become good friends.

Now as we get ready to move back to the Pacific, Duke will stay with Emily, but we are looking for a new home for Cali.  While Sarah is not looking forward to saying good-bye to Cali, but it needs to happen.  Sarah said the other day that she wants Cali to go to a nice home and she would enjoy having Cali go to someone who could occasionally give her updates on how she is doing.

God answered Sarah’s prayers for a cat and now we are trusting Him to answer prayers for a new home. If you have a place in your heart for a Cat and a missionary kid who loves her, please let us know.