Heading Home

Well, after a very full two weeks here in East Timor, which followed two weeks spent in 3 Australian locations, and two weeks before that in the Solomon Islands, it’s time for this traveler to head home.  The suitcase is packed, I have a 5:30 AM taxi call at the hotel front desk, and I’m charging up my Kindle.

Every stop on this trip has been different.  And every stop has been strategic.  Here in East Timor, I feel like I could have easily spent another two weeks, with all that is going on.  The implementation team takes off in a couple of days to do teacher training in the three areas where the pilot project will be implemented.  There is still material that needs to be polished up and finished.  (it will probably be printed ‘as is’ and polished over the next couple of months.)  But we got a lot done.  And I feel that my being here made it possible for them to at least be minimally ready to start classes when the school year begins in January.

I’m so glad I came.  But it will be good to get home too.