Breakfast in Dili

As with many hotels these days, the hotel where I am staying here in Dili, East Timor serves a complimentary breakfast.  Now East Timor is at a crossroads between Asia, the Pacific and Australia, and the hotel restaurant is run by ethnic Chinese.  So what would they serve for breakfast?

Well as is typical, it’s a breakfast buffet.  And there is bread (and a toaster), margarine, jam and peanut butter for those who like that.

There are also corn flakes and milk.

And on my plate you can see the following:

scrambled eggs

fried rice (with some egg and vegetables)

stir-fry fish and vegetables (sometimes it’s a different stir fry meat, other times it’s been cut up chicken breast patties, or battered chicken wings)

stir fry chinese cabbage (or some other similar vegetable)

stir fry bacon and vegetables

a small spring roll

and what is supposed to substitute for sausage, which is more like a hot dog.

In addition there was stiff fry tofu in a sauce

and various fruit pieces (orange, banana, apple today)

And the coffee is excellent.  With East Timor’s Portuguese heritage, they serve excellent coffee here.

Anyone for breakfast?