A Trip to Kuranda

Saturday Tim and I spent the day exploring Cairns.  It’s a touristy town on the northeast coast of Australia. We walked down to a bus stop and caught a bus into town. We walked along the esplanade.  It was a beautiful sunny day and it was enjoyable to walk the streets and explore a market.  We went to a shopping center so we could buy a few groceries for the weekend.

It’s interesting being in Australia, because you see quite a few Pacific Islanders in stores and on the streets.  I get excited when I see one and start mentally trying to guess where they are from.  We saw a number of families from Papua New Guinea as we walked around and were tempted to interact with them in Pijin as we heard them speaking Tok Pisin of PNG.

On Sunday, we took a special excursion on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.  The rail line runs up the mountain through a rainforest into Kuranda.    We were advised to take the old fashioned slow-moving train up the mountain in the morning when we were fresh, and enjoy the scenic cable car ride back down. Great advice.  It was lovely. We had a wonderful day which I will let you experience through the photos.

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Sunday night we had a meal with our colleagues who have come in for the same meetings and this morning, we begin the meetings.