This weekend has been a little slower which has been nice.  Yesterday we went down to the museum to check out the place where the language display will be set up.  It was almost cleaned up and we were told to come set up on Monday. The museum is getting renovating and won’t open until Thursday.  The renovated museum will feature a permanent display on the history of Bible translation in the Solomons.  Pretty cool!

Today I went to the church we attended here – it’s always good to see our friends there.  After lunch we headed to the combined church service for the festival. High ranking Solomon Islands dignitaries came as well as many others.  The program was long, but full of nice signing and praise to God.

Tomorrow, a group of us are heading out early – at 4:30 am for the official arrival of traditional canoes.  Traditional gifts will be exchanged with the Solomons.  It will be fun to see the special canoes.  I’m off to bed soon, so I will end here and try and upload some photos from the weekend.