Wednesday – 4th of July?

Except for singing American the Beautiful on the way home this evening, there was little to make it feel like a holiday.  This morning I worked at the Languages of the Pacific booth.  We are getting quite a bit of traffic and interest. Each day we are asking people to tell us how they say a particular word in their language.  Today it was ‘paddle’.  The words are written on the whiteboard along with the language name.  People are very interested to see the words in the different languages. We also have maps and ask visitors to sign the map where there language group is located.

In the early afternoon my colleagues came down to take the afternoon shift, freeing 3 of us to go see the Festival.  First we went for lunch at a new restaurant by the sea where they have a few dolphins swimming in a small lagoon.

Then we went to the Festival Village.  It was great to finally see some of it.  There was dancing from Malaita Province and other places around the Pacific.  The Festival Committee has done a wonderful job.  The Village really is well done and amazing.  I’ll include some photos.

I hope that I sleep better tonight.  I’ve had trouble falling asleep each night and am feeling pretty tired. Enjoy the photos.