Chiang Mai, Thailand

I’m settled into Chiang Mai now and we are in the thick of the conference. We are staying in a hotel/conference center.

Participants are from all over the world. The faces at the conference are a sea of color.  There are people here from 65 countries and numerous languages are represented.

Important topics are being discussed and debated.  One the exciting things has been to see God at work in his people.  Coming into the conference there were (and still are) some divergent opinions on various topics.  Many have been praying for this conference and it’s clear that those prayers are being blessed. Please pray as important decisions are made that God’s grace will continue to be on the delegates.

For my part, I am here as an ‘official observer’.  That means I attend the meetings but don’t have a vote in any decisions.  One of the most important things I am doing here is networking – meeting with colleagues who are serving around the world.  Especially important is talking with the folks in the Pacific Area about projects and how I can better serve them.

More later, but wanted to get something up at long last!