The Year of the Suitcase Begins

Sunscreen – check
present for Timmy – check
malaria meds – check
warm weather clothes – check
flip flops – check

My Christmas present from Tim this year – a much needed new suitcase. I’m calling 2012, the Year of the Suitcase. Tim left for Spain yesterday, and I am heading to the airport this afternoon to head to the South Pacific. It seems like a dream.

I’m filling the suitcase with gifts for friends. It has been challenging to find something ‘made in America’ to take them.  It won’t matter where the gifts are from.  Friends don’t really care about that.

The reason I am making this trip is to meet with committee members of the 2012 Festival of Pacific Arts which will be held in the Solomon Islands in July. I’m getting excited to go ‘home’ to the Solomons and meet up with friends again.

The girls are staying on their own. It will be different to have Emily drive me to the airport. I’m sure it will be weird for the girls to have their parents on different continents, but they seem ready for the challenge.

I fly out of Dallas at 6:05 this afternoon and head to LAX. The Air Pacific flight to the Fiji leaves and 9:30. Two other Wycliffe families just happen to be on the same flight.

Prayers for safe travels for Tim and I and safety for the girls is appreciated. Tim and I will try and keep you all posted on our trips and the work we are doing.


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