Searching for Land

The next step in the hop across the Pacific was the country of Vanuatu.  This beautiful neighbor of the Solomons was once ruled jointly by the French and British as you can see by the airport sign, the influence remains.  We sat on the tarmac in the capital city of Port Vila for about an hour before resuming our journey to the Solomons.



Flying high above the ocean the sky blends into the sea making for a blur of shades of blue dotted with fluffy white clouds.  Miles and miles of nothing but sea and sky is a reminder of the size of the Pacific Ocean.  After an hour or so, I started searching for signs of land and evidence that we had reached the Solomon Islands.  Soon I was rewarded with the view of the end of an island which turned out to be Makira – the place we lived for our first year in the Solomon Islands.


Across the aisle, it was fun to watch the Havenga Family looking at the land that will be their new home as they begin serving as translation advisors to a language group in the Solomon Islands.









At last we landed in Honiara.  Colleagues were waiting on the observation deck with signs and leis.   I don’t have more pictures of that because I was carrying bags and camera. This not so great photo was taken through the airplane window…

Customs went fine and my luggage arrived.  (The Pierces were not so lucky with one missing bag.) We left immigration and were welcomed by the SITAG (Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group) Family and started our way back to the offices/homes.