Good Moos for Bible Translation

Mary’s little lamb may have followed her to school one day, but last week a heifer found her way to Zion Lutheran Church in Walburg, Texas.  The 350 pound beauty was actually taken to church in this trailer, but she has a special mission in life.  She’s going to help people be able to read a Bible in their own language.

The calf was born to Pastor Wilbern Michalk’s cow and will be raised along with his other cattle.  There will be one special difference between this cow and the others.  The children at Zion Lutheran Church are raising funds to feed this calf.  When the calf is full grown, it will be sold and the proceeds given the ministry of Bible translation through our ministry.

We are excited to see the kids get involved in reaching out to others around the world who are still waiting for God’s Word in their heart language.  Someday the hamburger, steak or bbq sandwich you are eating may be benefiting Bible translation!  Good moos indeed!