The truth in Pijin

May 21st.  The day some are saying the world will come to an end.  The Solomon Islands has not been spared these rumors.  In response, the Solomon Islands Christian Association has issued a statement to Christians in the country, reassuring them what the Bible says about Christ’s second coming.  It’s very encouraging to see that the statement includes Scriptures in Pijin – the trade language.  The truth in these Bible verses will have more impact in Pijin than in English.  It’s great to see the Pijin Bible at work in the Solomons.

SICA urges calm in face of dooms day claims

Tuesday, 17 May 2011 04:43
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ITS this Saturday May 21, just a few days away, the day which was claimed to be the day when the world will end and Christ will return.

But Christians around the country have been reminded not to panic.

The Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) reminded Christians not to be unsettled over the claim of Jesus’ return this Saturday.

Christians throughout the country early last month were unsettled and deeply disturbed over a pamphlet given out to people on the streets of Honiara about the return of Jesus Christ.

The pamphlet claimed that the end of the world was looming and that God would bring the Judgment Day on May 21, which were produced and circulated by Family Radio.

In the country these pamphlets were distributed to members of the public along the streets by some groups of locals and foreigners.

SICA in its statement to the Solomon Star yesterday stated that Christian people in the country should be worried but stick to the biblical teaching on the coming back of Jesus.

SICA in asking Christians in the country to let bible verses encourage them.

“Nao Jisas hemi sei moa,’ Barava de an taem, no eniwan hemi save long hem. Dadi nomoa hemi save, bat mi San blong hem, wetem olketa enjel long heven mifala no save to.” (Matiu 24:36)

With this bible verse in Pidgin the SICA encouraged Christians that there was always the temptation to claim to know more than we really do.

“We are called to be people of faith; we must not pretend we know more about God’s plan than has been revealed to us by Christ.

“Jesus has told us clearly that we do not know the day or the hour when God will come to judge the world.”

Therefore with the recent claim of the end of the world on May 21 having no foundation, they are dangerous manipulations of people using fear as a way to control people’s mind.

“So yufala no letem ting ting blong yufala fo wari an yufala no fraet. “ (John 14:27)

People are reminded that the Easter Christ, the Risen Christ is the light and therefore lives in that light.

“The message of Easter is a message of joy and hope, do not allow fear and darkness to spoil the wonderful gift of faith we have in the risen load.”

Following the claims of this dooms day recently many Christians in the country reacted to the claim.

Some Christians said such a message is important for this country to remind themselves of the Lord’s return which is so close.

“While we don’t know the exact date and time of Christ’s return, this message should remind us that we are living in the end of time and the second coming is very very close given the signs of things that are happening in this world.

“We should not be afraid if we are ready for Christ’s return,” a Christian said yesterday.

By Jennifer Kakai

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