“Dad, Safari isn’t working on this computer!” “I’m out of memory space, Dad. This computer is a dinosaur!”

With computer problems coming more frequently, it was time to look for a ‘new’ computer. So the past few days we started to look on Craigslist. Today Tim found a Mac computer similar to one we had in the Solomons for $350. It had been listed for $500 last week, but he had reduced the price. He contacted the buyer and then he and Emily drove an hour up to north Dallas to look at it.

While they were en route, the seller looked up our family website. When TIm arrived he started asking Tim about Wycliffe and what we do. The man is a Christian. He told Tim that he wished he could just give us the computer, but they needed to get some money out of it. Then he said, “How about if I sell it to you for $250.”

Wow. Very cool. We are so thankful for the way God provided for our needs!