My Creative Bent

A couple of months ago I went to a yard sale where there were antique kitchen linens for sale for cheap.  I couldn’t resist these old pieces of hand-stitched pieces of art, stitched long ago by women who had a lot less free time than I do.  Many looked like they had been carefully made and never used. I can understand their hesitation in risking their handiwork being stained.

I was wanting some curtains for our breakfast nook area and started playing around with the linens.  Some friends came and gave advise on what I could do and this past week I finally got around to putting them together.  Emily says it looks like there is a big fat woman in our window and is threatening to make some legs to hang down from the curtains!

It was a lot of fun to do something creative for our home and I am happy to have found a practical and pretty way to use these old linens.