How to Eat a Banana

I don’t usually buy bananas here in the USA.  After eating tree-ripened bananas for years, the bananas picked green and hard as a rock in Central America so that they can be transported to the USA and chemically ripened, just doesn’t cut if for me. American bananas are pretty tasteless compared to the wide variety of bananas in the South Pacific.

But yesterday as I walked through the produce aisle, these cute little bananas caught my eye.  They are similar to my favorite variety in the Solomons so I bought some and took them home.  That’s when I saw the instructions on the bag that made me laugh – “PEEL BANANA FROM BOTTOM”.  I always peel them from the bottom – a trick I learned from Pacific Islanders.  They are easier to peel that way and you can hold on to the stem while you eat them.  I think my Solomon Islands friends would think it humorous to find bananas sold in a bag with instructions on how to peel them.

And the taste?  They are not as good as the bananas in the Solomons, but still better than your average American banana.