Need for wisdom

We recently shared that the renters in our house in Honiara moved out. So far we do not have new renters lined up. In addition to that we just learned that the house had to be treated for termites. This is all very discouraging. We have wanted to hold on to the house so we have a place to live if we are able to go back to the Solomon Islands in a couple of years.

We need wisdom in what to do about the house in Honiara. It would be great if we could get renters in the house. Please pray that good renters will be found or that we will know what to do next.


One thought on “Need for wisdom

  1. Hi, Merrilyn,
    Good to hear from you. I wish we could rent you our house NOW! : )

    To answer your question, it is expensive to live in Honiara, although I think prices have come down somewhat from where they were 12-18 months ago as there are more houses and a bit less demand. As to whether you could afford to go and live with your two kids, it would depend in part on the style of house you are wanting and your luck in finding one that is not too expensive. We have friends who work with AVI and they should be able to tell you how much rent costs for the volunteers. Will you be a volunteer as well or are you a stay at home mum? How old are your kids?

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