Starting to feel restored and refreshed

It’s spring in Texas and the long awaited bluebonnets cover the roadsides.  All the rain and snow of the past months have given way to a bumper crop this year.

We are starting to feel like the bluebonnets, too.  After months of being tired from the move and struggles of leaving the Solomons, we are starting to feel settled again.  We are thankful for times of enjoying time together as a family and doing fun things like going to the Dallas Arboretum like we did on Sunday.  Thank you Lord for winter and thank you for the change of seasons and the hope that spring brings.

We have a newsletter and new family photo to get in the mail this week.  We’ll leave the news for the newsletter, but wanted to let people know that we are alive and kicking!


One thought on “Starting to feel restored and refreshed

  1. Hi mrs. Matzke.
    It’s great to hear Sarah’s your family is fine in texas. I hope God blesses you for many great things you have done in the Solomon islands and I hope to see you in the near future.
    Good-bye Mrs. Matzke and please say “hi” to sarah for me. Thank you for everything you have helped with in the Soloomon islands Mrs. Matzke.

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