Emily and Sarah have started school this week in the Duncanville School District. Emily is in grade 11 at Duncanville High School which boasts the second largest high school campus in the United States! The large school is a bit intimidating in some ways, but she is really excited about the classes they offer.

Emily applied to and was accepted into the “Ready, Set, Teach” program which is designed for kids who want to become teachers. She has classes for a double block and later in the year will have an opportunity as part of the program to visit local elementary schools, work in classrooms and even get to practice teaching. A graduation requirement is two years of foreign language. Emily is taking American Sign Language which is something she was interested in learning anyway. There are advantages to bigger schools!

On Sarah’s first day, she quickly became friends with a girl who ‘happens’ to share the same class schedule all day. Around lunchtime they realized that they are both Wycliffe MK’s (missionary kids)! What a wonderful way to start a new school.

We are thankful for the girls good start to school. Thanks so much for those of you who have been praying for them.


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