Jehovah Jireh

We are scheduled to sign on our new house this Friday – 17 July. We are all getting excited about the new house!

It’s been amazing to see God’s provision in regard to furniture and other things that we need. Some of our furniture has come from the ‘Furniture Boutique’ on our center here. People in the community donate furniture and other items – from clothing to baseball bats, to kitchen items, etc. are donated to the ‘Boutique’ where it is lovingly arranged by volunteers from Wycliffe Associates. WA (Wycliffe Associates) also gives furloughing missionaries towel sets for each family member and bed sheets. What a gift this has been.

Other furniture we have found on Craig’s List or the Salvation Army. We are still looking for a few items like bedroom furniture for Tim and I, desks and living room furniture.

Today Tim is flying to El Paso where friends will pick him up and take him to their home in Las Cruces, NM. A friend who recently married is donating a U-haul full of furniture, appliances and kitchen items to us! Our friends are renting the U-haul for us so Tim can drive the load back to Dallas. Friends in Michigan are making arrangements to bring down our belongings from there! It’s all coming together.

While we won’t have everything we need for our house by the time we move in, we will have the basics and we are so very very thankful. Jehovah Jireh – our provider, does it again!