Our world turned upside down

After a long hiatus I am going to try getting back into blogging. Please forgive my lack of communication!!!

The last few months have been pretty crazy for our family as we have had to make some hard decisions and we feel like the sign above, we have been turned upside down. For more than a year, Emily has been going to school with a internet based curriculum – NorthStar Academy. It’s a great school program, but it has been pretty lonely for Emily at times. So in cooperation with our administration, we have decided to return to the USA in June so that Emily can finish high school in the USA and better prepare to transition into college.

This has not been an easy decision and we are struggling with having to leave the Solomons. We expect to be gone from the Solomons for at least 3 years to allow Emily time to finish high school and get settled into college. In the meantime we will rent out our house here.

In order that we can stay connected with our international offices and the girls can enjoy the fellowship of many other MKs (missionary kids) we will be settling in Dallas, TX. There are many unknowns as we take make this (sometimes frightening) move!

We covet your prayers for this time of transition for our family. We are working hard to sell or give away many of our possesions here and prepare the house for rental. We are in the process of looking for a house to purchase in Dallas with the help of a realtor there.