Committees and meetings

Over the past few months, I (Martha) have been privileged to be serving on two government committees.

One is the National Trade and Agriculture Show Committee herunterladen. The government has 4 stated goals for the National Trade Show – one of which is to help our group launch the Pijin Bible! The Trade Show Committee has agreed to designate a large area of the show grounds as the “Year of the Bible Area” nero express download kostenlos chip. Inside the special area there will be a stage that is the same size as the Show’s main stage. This special stage will be used for Christian activities all day long for each of the 8 days of the show youtube videos unter linux downloaden! Each evening we will show a Christian movie. Christian churches are busy planning how to best use this time and space to spread the Gospel.

There will be a prayer chapel at the show grounds, with people praying throughout the day and evening for the Solomon Islands messenger app herunterladen. Nearby will be the ‘House of Hope’ where a team of pastors will be standing by to talk to people who have a concern to share or just want to talk to someone bubble shooter kostenloser download.

A special stall will be set up where we will have a display about Bible translation. We hope that this will encourage people to get interested in Bible translation in their language ms whiteboard herunterladen.

The Solomon Islands Government is paying for the construction of all of the Year of the Bible area of the show.

I’m also on the national committee that is planning the 30th Anniversary of Independence of the Solomon Islands musik alben herunterladen. The Pijin Bible launch on the 6th of July is being considered a part of the national celebrations. The government is financially backing this launch as well flyer vorlagen herunterladen. We are overwhelmed by the amazing support of this government.

It’s interesting being on these government committees. In each meeting I attend is opened and closed with prayer – something that wouldn’t happen in the USA these days herunterladen!