The Word on the Air

Recently when we went to the Prime Minister’s office to talk about the government’s involvement in Year of the Bible, one of the things we asked for was for the government to sponsor twice daily 2 minute Bible readings on the national radio station download orf programs. The Prime Minister agreed and we have been talking to the radio station about what time slots were available for the Bible readings. At first, it looked like we might be able to have time slots right before the news begins, but other sponsors have those times delfine als hintergrund zum herunterladen.

Today the radio station sales department informed me that we will have a time slot right after the morning news at 7 am and after the Pijin news in the evening aimbot herunterladen ps4! These are GREAT time slots when lots of people all over the country will be listening to their radios. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity.