Saturday night in Honiara

The girls are now on school holiday. We’ve had a busy week and just felt like doing something different tonight. So we went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant. That was fun but rather than just go home we decided to drive around and see the Christmas lights – ours!

We live on the edge of a valley so we drove to the other side of the valley to see if we could see our own Christmas lights. Sure enough in the distance we could just make out the colored flashing lights at our house. Decorating a house with lights is not done here so our lights are a bit of a novelty.

The other night Tim and I went to a function and as we were leaving we were surprised to see a tall evergreen tree in the distance flashing with red lights. So to night we went exploring as a family to see if we could discover where the tree was. It didn’t take us too long to find the tree and along the way we were rewarded with another house with a string of lights.

Yes, it’s been another exciting Saturday night in Honiara!