Faith Comes by Hearing Pijin New Testament

Recently an exciting new project got started here in the Solomons. An organization called, “Faith Comes by Hearing” has come to record the Pijin New Testament in a dramatized audio form. This is the first such project in the Solomons.

A woman named Priscilla came from Papua New Guinea to manage the project and Jesu is here from India to serve as the technician. In the photo to the right the man in the middle is Alex who is serving as the proofreader.

A number of professional readers have agreed to help with the bigger reading parts. Last week the man to the left was the sports announcer for a big soccer tournament. This week he is reading the part of ‘Paul’ – the largest part of the New Testament. A number of our friends have auditioned and gotten parts in the reading.

The brightly colored background is mattresses to form a ‘recording studio’.

This project is expected to take 8-10 full weeks to complete the recording. Editing and adding music and sound effects will be completed overseas. Faith Comes by Hearing is working hard to have this recording finished at the same time that the Pijin Bible is launched in July of 2008.

The recordings will be available in cd’s, personal mp3 players as well as a special solar-powered mp3 player called a ‘Proclaimer’. This device will play for 15 hours on one charge and can be heard by a large group of people. You can learn more about it at:

Pray for this project which has already experienced some set backs with viruses on computers and other frustrations.