A new project

With the impending launch of the Pijin Bible next July, we are looking for ways to promote the Pijin Bible. We have an exciting new project that is about to start happy birthday herunterladen kostenlos. An organization called Faith Comes by Hearing (www.faithcomesbyhearing.org) will be making a dramatized recording of the entire Pijin New Testament.

The New Testament will be available in cd’s as well as the mp3 format download netflix laptop. Faith Comes by Hearing has developed special mp3 players called “Proclaimers” which feature a solar panel for charging. The Proclaimer can be played for 15 hours on one charge and up to 300 people can listen at one time download the TV program! Individual mp3 players with the New Testament will also be available.

In the next week we are expecting a woman from Papua New Guinea and another from India to come help with the recording of this project ac dc highway to hell kostenlosen. We appreciate prayers for this important project which will make the audio Pijin New Testament available to Solomon Islanders.