Quaint antique or practical tool?

Our house is much quieter these days without the pitter patter of little feet. Little Timmy and his family returned to the village last week after the doctors removed the pins that held his arm in place. He is doing really well.

A couple of months ago I was visiting a friend from another mission and noticed that she had a old Singer treadle sewing machine that had been donated in Australia and shipped the Solomons. My friend let me have the machine to give to Timmy’s mom, Judy.

Judging from a photo in the machine’s instruction book, I think it must be at least 70 years old. But it is in great shape and Judy was THRILLED to receive this gift. I taught her how to make some simple bags and gave her some spare fabric I had. She will make them to sell

to women in her village.

The treadle machine is perfect in the village where there is no power. Judy will be able to help her family, extended family and community to repair clothing and make things. I wish the original owner could see her machine today – still functioning and greatly loved and appreciated.